I provide a range of resources to help teachers encourage young writers in their classroom.


Writing classes for Kids revised teachers logoMy school visits can be tailored to your budget and topic.  Some of my most popular writing workshops in schools include:

  • Heroes and Villains – Developing Great Characters
  • From Portrait to Prose – Using pictures to inspire stories
  • Anti bullying Writing Workshops – Where students create their own anti bullying hero
  • The Plot Thickens – How to plot or plan your story.

You’ll find more about my school visits here:


I provide the following writing and writing related resources at this blog:

Letters to Leonardo Book CoverI’m happy to answer writing questions or tailor posts or lesson plans to your needs so please feel free to email me Dee@deescribe.com.au  I’d love to hear from you.


Teacher’s notes are available for Letters to Leonardo  ( a novel for young adults about a boy whose mother suffers from a mental illness) from the publisher’s website.


Writing competitions are a great way to encourage kids who love to write.

If you hold a writing competition at your school, I’d be happy to donate a free e-book on writing for up to 10 prize winners.

Running a writing competition is easy.  Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Decide on age categories, story length and theme – (it could be something to fit with the current curriculum).

2. Decide when you will run it – term breaks and school holidays could be a good time.

3.  Ask your local newsagent, book store or stationers if they are willing to donate prizes.

4.  Advertise your competition around the school, at the library and in classrooms. You can use the flier below if you like – just fill in the gaps for your competition.

Writing Competition Flier

5.  If you don’t have time to read the stories yourself, ask for willing parent or other community helpers.

6.  Get the readers to shortlist the entries and decide on the winners.

7.  Present winner’s certificates and prizes at assembly.

8.  Publish winning stories to your school blog or in your newsletter if you have one.

Good luck with your writing competition:)



  1. Hi Dee!
    Was just going thru your website & saw this new course which says $30.00 per session … What does per session means ?& how does that particular course works . What is paypal ?

    • Hi Sunaina,

      The new course is less structured and is designed to focus more on the writer’s individual talents or the things they need help with.

      With Story Steps, the writer provides a page of their writing along with any questions or issues they are having trouble with.

      I provide feedback on the piece with suggestions on how they can improve it, I answer their questions and I give them suggestions on how they can develop the piece.

      Each piece I work on with them is a new session.

      Paypal is an online payment system that allows you to transfer money online. You can find out how it works here: http://www.wikihow.com/Use-PayPal

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      Kind regards,


  2. Hi Dee!
    Thanks for the prompt reply . Wanted to know how does the other courses work … Wanted to know the exact format …. & even if they have a test at the end of the course ?

    • Hi Sunaina,

      These courses have been developed for kids who love to write, so they are designed to improve their knowledge of how to develop a story, but the courses are supposed to be for fun so there is no test at the end.

      There is no right or wrong way to do creative writing – there are just skills that can be learned to help strengthen a writer’s ability to develop things like character, setting and plot. I try to encourage writers to tap into their imaginations and use their creativity in their writing.

      There are six sessions. Each session has notes which are emailed to the student. At the end of the notes is a writing activity that the student completes and emails to me. I send them feedback on their writing with the notes for the next session. After they have finished all six sessions, I send them a certificate of completion.

      Kind regards,


  3. Were Is Your Class At Thanks dee From Nancy Avila It For My Child She Is 11 yrs Old We Live In Moreno Valley Ca

    • Hi Nancy,

      The classes are actually done online. There are six sessions per course. I send out notes with a writing activity which the student completes and sends back to me. I send them feedback with the notes to the next session.

      Kind regards,


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