Dee author visits & workshops

School & Library Visits

Why invite me?

  • You enjoy my writing
  • You have your own stories to tell and you need someone to help you work out how
  • You want to inspire your students
  • Your students have read or studied my work
  • You want your students to enjoy a unique creative experience

Workshops I can run

  • Ideas: – finding them and getting the story started
  • “Heroes & Villains” – learn how to make up your own characters and use them to create an action-packed story
  • How to become a writer
  • Turning an experience into a story
  • Explore the writer in you
  • Sessions designed around a particular topic, theme or piece of writing

To book me or find out more

I have done many school visits, including an Author-in-Residence, progressive workshops with children, and helping students to create and edit an anthology. I live in country Victoria, Australia and am happy to travel anywhere at home or abroad.
Email your details to: Dee*AT*deescribe*DOT*com*DOT*au, and I will get in touch with you.

Teacher’s Notes and Exercises

  • Point of View – Tells you from whose view the story is being told.
    Exercise: Write a short piece about what you ate for breakfast, then rewrite it from the point of view of the food.
  • Beginnings, middles and ends - Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end.
    Exercise: Take the last sentence of a story you like, and use it as the beginning in your own piece of writing.
  • Plot - A plot is a plan or map of your story; deciding what is going to happen and when it will occur.
    Exercise: Do you think it is necessary to plan a story before you write it? Explain your reasons?
  • Setting –  Setting gives a story credibility. It provides important information about where and when the story takes place.
    Exercise: Why do you think many horror stories are set at night?
  • The Story Problem -Every story needs a story problem which the main character must face. Conflict gives the main character something to do.
    Exercise: You are writing a story about a teenager who is having an argument with a farmer. What do you think a source of conflict might be?


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