Today’s the day!

Writing Classes for Kids in blasting off into cyberspace…officially launched!

It’s a site I’ve spent more than twelve months developing to provide free and affordable classes and writing activities for kids and teens, and for teachers to use in the classroom. Although the lesson plans and activities are kid and teen focussed, adults will enjoy them too.

See writing is so much fun, and EVERYONE should have the opportunity to do it.

Apart from reading, how else can you escape into the wonderful world of your imagination?

Here’s what to expect over the coming months at  Writing Classes For Kids :

  1. Free Writing activities
  2. Free basic lesson plans
  3. Free Writing tips
  4. Regular blog posts about writing and getting published
  5. Detailed lesson plans to be used at home or in the classroom – can be downloaded for $5 As well as writing activities these will include extension and reflection activities
  6. Free Competitions where you can win great books and writing services
  7. An online assessment service offered
  8. E-books to come
  9. Visits from published authors who will be sharing tips too
  10. Lots of great ideas for your own author visits to schools and festivals


Teen to Adult

  1. Heroes & Villains part one – Create great Characters
  2. Heroes & Villains part two – Create a story for your Hero & Villain

Writers 8-12

  1. Writing For Fun – Picture This
  2. Writing For Fun – Pets & Animals
  3. Writing For Fun – Old Character, New Story

Future Lesson Plans

Lesson plans on the blog will be updated regularly. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the topics to be added as we go:

  • Mindmapping
  • Plotting
  • Writing Anthology Pieces
  • Grammar & Tense
  • Essay Writing
  • Story Pyramids
  • Character Collages
  • Setting
  • Dialogue
  • Non fiction beginnings
  • Fiction beginnings

If you’d like to see a lesson plan developed on a particular topic for a particular age group, please feel free to email me at: Dee*At*deescribe*Dot*com*Dot*au



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  1. Sweet, Dee! What a perfect site this is going to be! If you ever need guest teachers… you know where to find me. :)
    Mazzel and broche!


    • Thanks, Mina,

      I would love you to visit my site any time and talk about how you write, and share your tips:)

      Dee x


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