Writing/Illustrating Competition for All Ages

Writing and illustrating competitions are a great way to get your work seen by publishers.

Each year, the CYA Conference offers opportunities for authors and illustrators of all ages and levels of experience to enter your stories and illustrations.

There are opportunities for new writers/illustrators, published writers/illustrators and kids (hatchlings).

Each entry is prejudged by at least two volunteers who are published, unpublished, and editors as well as avid readers of the genres.  CYA endeavours to have at least one published author/illustrator/editor judge adjudicate per entry sent into the competition.

The judges use a standard score sheet per writing category.The scores are tallied into a percentage and the final results are based on that percentage. The same happens for illustrations, graphic novel and illustrated picture books entries.

Judges feedback is provided for all entries.

The winning entry and short-listed finalist will be considered by a publisher of children’s books, with no guarantee of publication. Author/Illustrator retains copyright.

More information is available at the CYA website.

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  1. Hello Dee White,
    You commented on my blog before about the New York City of where I would want to go, also how I’m a dancer. It was absolutely a big deal to me to get the opportunity having a author comment on my blog. You asked what genres of dance I do, I actually have a post all about that, as well as another sport I do lacrosse. You also asked another question if I would want to do dance as a career, and yes I do. I’ve been dancing forever and love it, it would be my biggest dream to have that opportunity to do that.

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!

    Visit my blog to learn more about me, and my dance background!

    • Hello Michaela,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. Nice to see you here.

      It’s so great that you love your dancing so much. I had wanted to be a writer since I was seven-years old. You have to follow your dreams :)

      Unfortunately I couldn’t get that link on your blog to work, but I did find the post on your blog about the Cecchetti Conference. Was that the one? The conference sounds amazing and it was really interesting reading your post because I don’t know anything about ballet or dancing.

      Good luck with your dancing and your lacrosse.