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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStarting or revising a novel is like embarking on a long and treacherous journey. You never know where it’s going to take you or how long before you get there.

Thanks to the PlotWriMo Revise Your Novel in a Month videos, there are now some great guides to help you on your adventure.

The videos have been produced by US Literary Agent, Jill Corcoran and the Plot Whisperer, Martha Alderson. They have put together the PlotWriMo program to help authors get their book published and to learn how to revise their own novels to make their manuscripts shine.

There are eight videos in the PlotWriMo series, and I used them to revise two of my novels – a young adult thriller, Submerged and a middle grade survival story called Game On.  You can watch video 1 for free here.

Jill Corcoran

Jill Corcoran

The PlotWriMo videos helped me focus on what was important to and about my character and understanding how their actions drove the story. The videos also helped me identify the most important scenes and how to develop them for maximum impact.

Through the use of Energetic Markers (described fully in the videos), I identified the most important scenes and honed in on them. I identified the lowest point in the story for my character – when their flaw has brought them to their knees - when they have to acknowledge their responsibility for what has happened in the story.

This is an important point in a story that I don’t think I had identified before – it’s the point where the character acknowledges who they are, and that they will need to change in order to achieve their goals.


Martha Alderson

Martha Alderson’s plot planner helped me to identify and develop this vital scene in my stories.


  1. How to revise your story concept and develop your characters
  2. How to approach your revision
  3. Character transformation and goals
  4. Concept and development of the energy in your story
  5. Scenes and themes
  6. Climax
  7. Beginnings and Endings
  8. Manuscript voice
  9. Detailed revision

There are so many more great tips in the videos about things like cause and effect, where to start and end your story, strengthening voice and adding back story, just to name a few.

Here’s How the Video Series Work

Each video includes an in-depth look at the specific elements promised and how to consider these essential story principles as you write, revise, rewrite, sell your story. Writing assignment(s) guide you with step-by-step instruction.

Whether you decide to watch all the videos in a row and then go back and do the exercises or jump right in to the 1st video’s exercise, work at your own pace and take more or less time on the step-by-step exercises. The series are designed to fit into even the busiest of schedules. Sign-in and watch video lectures, complete homework assignments, and ask questions in a public forum on a timetable that fits your needs.

As well as the Novel Writing Videos, Martha and Jill also offer a series of videos for picture book writers and a number of other services to writers. You can find out more by joining their A Path to Publishing Facebook Group.

A Path to Publishing



Comment on this post, and enter Jill and Martha’s competition to win a FREE observation spot in an upcoming OFFICE HOURS workshop (a $45 value).


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  1. Nina Falkestav says:

    Thanks for putting up a list and a program! I’ll try to follow. Have just finished my nano tonight ( although, by finished I mean wrote 50 000 Words, I now need to finish the last 5-6 chapters to get to the end,) and hope to possibly be able to follow with the revise you novel course. Only problem is I have to finish it too, prehaps Before revising it?

    • Congratulations Nina, that’s a fabulous achievement.

      I’m sure the revise your novel course will help your revision.

      Good luck with it:)


    • Kristine Olson says:

      Hi Nina: I was hesitant to pay for the videos before finishing my manuscript too, but was assured they would actually HELP me with pre-plotting my back half (I was only halfway done). WOW I’m glad I signed on when I did. The videos seriously helped me figure out my ending and understand why my antagonist needed to be meaner. (Poor protagonist.) Good luck and CONGRATS on your 50K words. That’s a huge accomplishment!

      • Thanks Kristine for your comment,

        I agree that the videos are great whether you have finished your novel, not started it yet, or are half way through. They’re so good for helping you focus on why you are writing the story and what it’s really about:)


  2. Hallee Adelman says:

    I love Martha and Jill’s videos, Dee!
    I also used them as a tool to help
    enrich my characters and strengthen
    the action in my story. Loved reading
    your post!! Thanks!

  3. This is a well designed website. Inspiring. educational and fun. Congrats Dee!

  4. Hey, Dee, love, love, love the videos. Great review. I especially enjoyed reading your, “Things That You Can Learn From The PlotWriMo Videos.” Fantastic. *waves peace sign*

  5. Wendy McLeod MacKnight says:

    These videos have made a. Huge difference to me and so happy I found your blog!

  6. Thank you, Dee, for such a thorough explanation of the videos. Thank you, too, for the links to learn more about them and also for the blog tour schedule. I’ve heard good things about the videos from my friend, Robyn.

    I just finished NaNoWriMo this year and wrote an MG fantasy that needs lots of work now. lol. I’m also interested in writing picture books so it’s great to see the videos offer help in both these areas. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Thanks Cheryl, and congratulations on completing NaNoWriMo – that’s a great achievement.

      I’m glad you have found my post helpful.

      Good luck with revising:)


  7. Sabrina Joy says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard or seen a blog like this! I’m eager to follow along!

  8. Love having the chance to visit your blog, learn more about you and read your lovely post. Rounds out knowing you a bit better beyond our workshops together! Thank you, Dee for your generous spirit!

    • Thanks Martha, one of the things I love about blog tours is learning more about the people who host them and the people featured on them.

      Happy touring:)


  9. Thanks for the in depth description Dee. I finished 2 videos in the picture book series. These videos have definitely focused me too. I think this is the best thing I have done for myself as a writer. #PlotWriMo

  10. I just love the sound of the PlotWriMo videos, Dee, and I have watched the first one – very impressed! I am very much interested in hopping on board in the new year.

  11. Nanette Heffernan says:

    Such a great post and I completely agree. ALL of Jill and Marha’s videos are fantastic. I have 32 books on craft in my library, but not a single one of them gave me as much value as their videos. The videos (and classes) have saved me years of revision time. I’m so grateful. Now I’m off to poke around your blog, it looks great!

    • Thanks Nanette, I agree about the videos. I have so many books on writing too, but I found the videos gave me a complete plan for revision.

      Thanks for your lovely comment about my blog:)


    • Thank you, Nanette. Your comments and the other wonderful testimonials feel like such incredibly generous gifts from all of you. Thank you!

  12. To everyone who visits, please be sure to join our A Path to Publishing Facebook Group (we also have a FB page for aptp but where the real action and interaction is happening is in the Group. You’ll need to ask to be invited which we do nearly immediately). Also, we hope you’ll sign up for our mailing list to learn all the new cool things we’ll be offering in the future: And.. we’re on Twitter at @apathtopub… Thanks again everyone!

  13. Kristine Olson says:

    Great post Dee! In addition to how these videos have given me a strategy for pulling together (tearing apart??) my novel, the FB group has given me a community and the support to feel like I’m not alone. Woot!

  14. Dee, I love this post and love learning what you have gained from the videos.
    Plus, you have a fabulous blog! There is so much to learn from you:)

  15. I’ve still got 3 videos left to watch and learn from, but the ones I have studied have been an amazing help to me. I have always started a first draft with an outline rather than a highly detailed plot. Now I’m revising a work started a couple of years ago, these videos are providing a plan that gives not only pointers to positioning events for maximum reader enjoyment through story structure, but I also now feel in control in the process towards reaching a satisfying end point. When I’ve completed watching them and the revision process, I know the next story I write in any genre will be better structured from the start and will need less revision. I commend this program to anyone who is thinking of writing, just started a work, half way through, revising or even if you think you have finished and are preparing to send it to a publisher, in which case it’s worth one more check through with this knowledge at hand.