Nanna’s Boot Camp – Writing Tips With Vicki Griffin

wonderful one 2014Can you help solve the mystery of the BIG boot hanging on Nanna’s veranda? Nanna’s bootcamp is a fun adventure holiday in the country for a group of teens. I wrote ‘Nanna’s Boot Camp’ because children always think a bootcamp is about strict discipline, I wanted to show the funny side of a bootcamp.

1. I always write a little very day even if it is just one sentence.

2. My ideas for books come from my surroundings. it could be as simple as a lizard sunbaking that sparks an idea.

3. I always listen out for funny conversations and quirky habits that some people have.

4. My grandchildren always read my ideas first and tell me whether they like them or not.

5. I write because I don’t know how not to. Writing transports me to a different place.

Nanna's Boot Camp front coverNanna’s Boot Camp can be purchased from for $7.99, hard copies will be available soon also.  0r contact me at Face Book or Linkedin

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