Guest Posts Welcome – Author Promo Opportunity

I love meeting authors from all over the world and so do my blog readers.

So if you’d like to talk about your book on Writing Classes For Kids, I’d love to hear from you.


Your post will teach kids something about writing, but it will also give you a chance to introduce your book to teachers, home schooling parents and young readers from all over the world.

The book featured must be one written for children or young adults.

Here’s what I’d need from you:

1. A short intro paragraph about you.

2.A short paragraph about what your book is about, including information about the age of the intended readership.

3. A post of around 400 words on how you wrote your book, with some specific writing tips that kids can learn from. It could also include any other information about the writing journey of this book that would interest young readers.

4. A writing activity or two based on the book. (This could encourage people to buy your book and use it at home or in the classroom) The writing activities must take into account the fact that people might not have read their book.

5. A pic of you and one of the book cover.

6.Links to where people can buy the book – particularly for international readers.

Here are a couple of sample posts to give you an idea of the sort of thing I mean:

Author post with JE FIson

Author post with Elaine Ouston

Send your guest post or questions to me at Dee*At*deescribe*Dot*com*Dot*au

I look forward to having you visit my blog.





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