FINAL WRITING COMPETITION FOR 2012 – New competition theme – journeys

Our FINAL Writing Competition for 2012 for Kids and Adults is now open.

The theme for our final quarter is ‘Journeys‘.

Once again we’ll have some fabulous books and manuscript assessments as prizes.


  • Try to show the reader what’s happening through action and dialogue rather than telling them.
  • Try and keep your tenses consistent – if you start writing in past tense (we had, she ran etc), keep this consistent throughout your story.
  • Make sure you ‘double space’ your entry.
  • Avoid using clichés
  • Include as much conflict and action as you can.
  • Try to introduce your main character straight away and allow your reader to connect with them and want to follow their journey.
  • ALWAYS follow submission guidelines.


Entries will be accepted in the following categories:

  • Children aged 8 to 12
  • Teens aged 13 to 17
  • Adult category aged 18 and over

Unfortunately due to the large number of entries we have been receiving, entries are now limited to one per person. 


Children & Teens

  • The winner will receive a book and a 5 page manuscript assessment.
  •  ALL children and teens who enter will receive a certificate even if they are not a major prize winner.


  • The winner will receive a 10 page manuscript assessment valued at $50
  • Certificates will be awarded to the top place getters.
  • Additional manuscript assessments may be awarded at the judges’ discretion.

Special conditions for adult entries 

  1. A $10AUD entry fee applies. You can pay this through PayPal by going to the Writing shop page
  2. Please include your payment ID number with your entry form.


Please make sure your submission follows these guidelines:

*    Submissions must be no longer than 500 words. They can be a complete story or just a part of one.

*    Do not include your name anywhere on the submission but please include the name of the story.

*    All entries must be in the following format:

  1. 12 point type…Arial or Times Roman
  2. Double spaced (between the lines). To double space your work, select it and go to the format menu, select paragraph and choose ‘double line’ in the ‘line spacing’ box.
  3. A4 sized paper
  4. 3cm margins all the way around

*    Please email your submission to Dee*at*Deescribe*dot*com*dot*au

*    All emails should include the following information in the subject line:

  1. Name of writer
  2. Name of story
  3. Age category being entered
  4. “Journeys story submission”

This competition excludes picture books and poetry.

This competition closes on 31st December  2012.

Good luck:)




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