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Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 12.40.08 pmInspired by the thousands of fearless authors and illustrators, who at some point were prepared to ‘have a go’, Jaquelyn released her first early childhood picture book, ‘I Love You 5 Lollipops’ in May 2013 and reprises the Elizabeth Rose character in the follow up book, Elizabeth Rose on Parade due for release in September 2014.

Here Jaquelyn talks about how she writes, and generously shares her writing tips.

Producing a sequel to I Love You 5 Lollipops wasn’t so much a decision that I made, but one that was made for me by those who had bought the book.

I had lots of requests to write another one, because readers and their parents wanted to see more of Elizabeth Rose and her amazing circus life!

Most days I feel like I live in a circus myself so I am not short on ideas and adventures for Elizabeth Rose.

Updated cover_very smallI wrote both books very differently. The story from I Love You 5 Lollipops was constructed out of the title whereas the title for Elizabeth Rose on Parade, didn’t come until after the story was written.

In both cases however, I had to be very clear about what I wanted to book to achieve as they are both written for very young readers. I also linked the two books together by hiding lollipops in the second book throughout the story for littlies and their carers to find, which I always loved to do with my girls when they were small.

I am always thinking about how young readers respond to books so here are my top tips for writing.

  • Write about places and settings that you remember clearly yourself so you can use all your good describing words
  • Take your time, don’t expect to get it right first go, but don’t give up
  • Keep a journal with you so you can write down ideas, unusual names or how you felt about something as it happens
  • After you write something, read it out loud to yourself or someone else so you can FEEL how it sounds
  • Add surprises to your story, that’s what keeps readers interested.


Cover_smallElizabeth Rose on Parade is the perfect picture book for circus lovers and for active readers who enjoy dancing, acrobatics and movement.

The rollicking text takes the reader from page to page with colour and lilting language.

Elizabeth Rose is a charming character, and this is not her first story. She and her circus family are  featured in I Love You 5 Lollipops.

Elizabeth Rose on Parade is written by Jaquelyn Muller and the gorgeous illustrations are by Kathryn Zammit.

The text is presented in an informal font and style representing the playfulness of the circus. The illustrations are colourful and full of character and movement.

I like the way that even though there is much talent and interest at the circus, Elizabeth Rose is the star performer, a character young readers can relate to.

In keeping with the fun of the circus, there is a hidden lollipop on each page for readers to find.

Elizabeth Rose on Parade can be purchased at selected bookstores and online through Jaquelyn Muller’s website where Teacher’s Notes are also available. You can view the video trailer here.

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