Thank you to everyone who entered the Fall Writing Competition.

There was a particularly high standard of entries in this competition and this made judging very difficult.

Once again I have made the decision to publish more than ten entries because there were so many great stories.

If your story wasn’t selected, please don’t be disheartened. It doesn’t mean your story wasn’t great, it’s just that I couldn’t include everybody’s work in the anthology.

When selecting the winners, I tried to include a variety of different kinds of stories from boys and girls across different age groups.

Everyone who entered this competition should be proud of their story.

Taking the time to write a story and enter it in a competition like this is a fantastic achievement.

EVERYONE who entered the competition will receive a certificate.


Unfortunately due to the large number of entries, I’m unable to give individual feedback on your stories, but here are some general tips:

1.  It’s important to stick to the word limit in a competition. If you’re writing a story for fun you can make it as long as you like but when you’re writing for a competition, you must stick to the word limit.

I won’t do this, but in some competitions your work will be disqualified if you don’t meet this criteria.

And in fairness to other entrants, I can’t award your story first place if it doesn’t comply with the guidelines.

2. Try to keep your tenses consistent. Decide whether your story has already happened (past tense), is happening right now (present tense) or will happen in the future (future tense).


was have been will
had, have will have
had been are will be
did am will have been

3. If a story is quite short try to only have one character telling the story. If you swap from one character to another in a short story, it can get quite confusing for the reader.

4.  Read your story out loud before you send it. This will help you pick up any typing mistakes or where you have accidentally left a word out or repeated it.


Congratulations to the following writers whose stories have been selected for the Fall Anthology.

The Timber Lane Gang Go Camping by Katrina Bau – aged 7
A Lesson in the Bus by DeriAnne Mak – aged 7
An Unexpected Trip by Josephine Sim – aged 7
Fallen into a Deep Hole By Reshan Gill – aged 8
Whoops! by Audrey Kennedy – aged 8
A Gruesome Fall by Joyce Sim – aged 9
Matthew’s Intriguing Fall by Andrew Del Borrello – aged 10
Fall by Anna Hall - aged 10
Race by Kevin Yu – aged 10
Fall by Molly Bell – aged 11
It’s Fall by Lara Borges – aged 11
The Skywalker by Alexandra de Graaff – aged 11
Fall by Maxyn Dorz – aged 11
Fall by Adelina Huang – aged 11
Intertwined by Mackenzie Stone – aged 11
The Secret of Fall by Jasmine Sulsh – aged 11
The Withered Oak Tree by Ashley Ting – aged 11
Random Kylie by Audrey Del Borrello – aged 12
Shadow in Darkness by Piper Lane – aged 12
The Beauty of Autumn by Uzzielle K.T. Santos – aged 12
Don’t Look Down by Lalita Weir-Smith – aged 12
Fear of Falling by Izzah Khan – aged 13
Graveyard of the Leaves by Maryann Xue – aged 14
Leaves Falling by Elsie YeaLim Jang – aged 14
Till The Day We Fall by Sanya Chawla – aged 16
Never Trust a Travel Brochure by Gillian Goh – aged 16
My Nightmare by Julie McNamee – aged 16


Subject to receiving all the editorial changes and illustrations in time, I will be aiming to edit and publish the anthology in early September.

It will then be available to download free from this blog.

Thanks again for sharing your wonderful stories and entering this competition.

Everyone who entered this competition will receive a certificate. These will be emailed to you within the next week.

Happy writing:)




I run these competitions for the enjoyment of kids who love to write.

Due to the hundreds of entries I receive, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t use this competition as a translation activity, or homework for students who are likely to feel pressured or stressed by being forced to enter stories.

Thank you for your understanding :)


1.  Stories MUST NOT be longer than 500 words.

2.  Due to the number of entries we receive, unfortunately, we can only allow only ONE entry per person.

3.  Stories must be emailed to Dee*at*deescribe*dot*com*dot*au by 31 July, 2015.

4.  In the Subject line of your email, please include the name of the competition, your name, your story name and your age.

5.  This competition is for KIDS only. It is not open to adults.

6.  Entries must be stories. Poems and plays are not acceptable for this competition.

7.  Entries must be in English.

8. Writers must be under 18 years of age.

9.  Stories MUST be copied and pasted into the body of the email. They MUST NOT be sent as an attachment. Your entry should look like this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 2.20.30 pm

We suggest your read the Frequently Asked Questions here:


The top selected entries will be published in an e-book anthology.

To view the e-book and winning entries from a previous competition click here.

All competition participants will receive a certificate.


Happy writing and good luck:)




If you do, feel free to ask your question in the comments section of this post, and I will blog you an answer when I get back.

Happy writing:)





Online writing courses can be given as presents for the young or old writers in your life.

Gift vouchers are available.

Courses are $60 for kids and $80 for adults.

All courses have six classes and individual feedback is provided after each session.

Click on the Christmas bunny to find out more.


  1. Hi Dee, I’m feeling a touch of trepedation about entering; reckon the 8 yo have a better chance. But excitement over rules, so I’m gonna have a go! Love your new site and venture. It’s brilliant, so useful and benefical especially for young aspiring writers. I’ve linked it to my Kids page on my blog, as I so often get asked by school aged kids how they should go about writing ‘their’ book. Thank you for this tremendous boost for them. Dimity

    • Hi Dimity,

      Thanks for dropping in. It’s okay, you don’t have to compete in the 8 yo category:) So glad you are going to enter and thanks for your lovely comments about the blog and for adding it to your Kids’ page.

      I really appreciate your support.

      Happy writing:)


  2. Dee, Question: How many times are you permitted to enter the First Page comp? Curious, Dimity

  3. Any type of story Dee?? Picture story all the way through to adult novels?
    P.s, i like this heeheehee

  4. Dee! Pls disregard my msgs and emails to you! For some reason I wasn’t notified of your replies here so thanks…will get back to the first pages now! Cheers Dimity

  5. Just checking, do you insert your submission as an attachment or in the actual email?

  6. Just wondering, is it just one word document A4 page because I’ve got a prologue that’s about one and a half and I want to submit it.

    • Hi Joshua,

      Unfortunately, it is just one A4 page. That makes it fair for everyone because then they will be submitting the same amount.

      When I enter competitions like this I always submit the first page of the manuscript rather than the prologue. Judges want to see how you start your story. They won’t expect to know everything about your story from the first page. They want to meet your characters and see how you introduce them. They want to know what happened to start this story off for your character. They want to get an idea of what sort of story it is and where the story might be heading.

      I recently wrote a post for this blog about 10 tips for writing a great first page (http://writingclassesforkids.com/10-tips-for-writing-a-great-first-page/) You may find it helpful.

      If you have any other questions please let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

      Good luck with your competition entry. I look forward to reading your first page.


      • Hi Dee
        I’ve been lurking on this blog for a while and feel inspired to enter your comp – but I’m confused. The comp rules state a 500 word piece as the entry limit, but when double spaced in 12 point font, I’ve got a little over 2 A4 sized pages.
        When you responded to Joshua, and said it was limited to 1 x A4 sized page, were you referring to a different comp?
        Please help, I dont want to forfeit by not following rules.

        • Thanks for your enquiry Jo,

          My response to Joshua was for a previous ‘first page’ writing competition where only the first page could be submitted.

          For this comp, two pages is fine as long as it’s less than 500 words.

          Sorry for the confusion.

          I look forward to reading your entry.


          • Aha!
            I should have figured it out from the date of his entry.
            Ok, gotta go get something ready to submit.

  7. Hi Dee, I might have missed it but have the Nov Comp results come out yet? Curiously yours Dimity :-)

  8. G’day Dee,
    Thanks for posting the intended themes list for your quarterly comps. Great ideas with lots of scope for everyone. Ques: Is the average wc for subs going to be 500 for each comp? Keen to get something on paper (after a good long think about it naturally ;-) )
    Cheers Dimity

  9. Hi Dimity,

    The average subs will be 500 words but they don’t have to be the entire story – they can be an extract.

    I am also hoping to run a picture book competition at the blog at some stage.

    Happy writing:)


  10. Hi, I live in Dubai . Can I enter the competition ?

  11. Hi Dee,
    I am 10 yrs old and want to enter this competitions badly but are the prize books suitable for children?
    Thanks so much!!! :)
    P.S. This is the first reasonable kids writing competition I have found so far!

  12. Hi, if we don’t win, do we get a certificate of participation?

  13. One more question… often in comps the judges don’t want the names of the entrant on the actual manuscript. What is your policy? Just doing my formatting now, and don’t want to make any mistakes.
    Thanks, Cate

    • Hi Cate,

      Thanks for asking. Your name shouldn’t be on the actual manuscript, but the name of the story should be. Can you please also include the name of your story in your covering email.

      Thanks and good luck:)


  14. Hi Dee,

    I am a bit unsure, as I am 11 years old, what a manuscript assessment is. Is it when a proffesional edits your work? Also, do the books that are the prizes have to be written by Felicity Pulman? I am concerned that if I win that i won’t even be able to read the book until I am twenty!

    • Hi Eva,

      A manuscript assessment is a professional edit. Not all the prizes are books by Felicity Pulman. The books are chosen to suit the age of the winners. I know I am getting back to you pretty late as I have been out all day so if you send me your entry tomorrow, that will be fine.

      I look forward to reading your story.


  15. Hi Dee,
    Good luck to all the entrants. Fantasy is such a popular genre, I’m guessing you’ll get a tonne of entries.
    Still, I’ve taken the plunge and submitted! Phew!
    Silly me, I didn’t see the last comment in this thread prior to submitting, and realise I left my name in the header. Duh – it’s a comp – of course it should be anonymous. Should I resubmit with a version minus my name?

    • Thanks Jo,

      I have to admit we’ve had a lot of entries. I’m glad you took the plunge and submitted. It’s fine to leave your name in the header. I actually prefer it so I can match the stories up to the people who sent them.

      I prefer not to have author names on the entries themselves.

      No need to resubmit.

      Happy writing:)


  16. Sorry I meant results. The link to the results

  17. Hi Dee,

    Just checking if this is right for the 2nd Quarter writing competition. The story can be longer than 500 words but you only want the first 500 words submitted? Or the total number of words for the complete story must be 500 words or less?
    Have just found this website and it’s great.

    • Thanks for your question, Rachel,

      You’re right, the story can be longer than 500 words but the part you submit must be no more than 500 words.

      I’m glad you like my site.

      Good luck with your submission:)



  18. Hi Dee,

    Just another question about the belonging and displacement writing comp. Should the story be aimed towards children or can it be a story written for adults?

  19. This competition, in my opinion, is fair and creative. It has greatly inspired me. Thanks, Dee! Just one question – can we email it to the same address as we did for the first quarter?

  20. Hi Dee,

    With the 500 word limit for the “belonging” story – do you have to count the words in the title as well?

  21. Jacqueline says:

    hi, when will the results for the “belonging” story be out?

  22. Rachel Hughes says:

    Hi Dee,

    I recently entered the 2nd quarter competition and I got a commendation. Yay!! :)

    I am going to enter the 3rd quarter competition so I was just wondering if I could make it any fiction genre, e.g – Sci/Fi in the future etc.

    Would that be a bit too unusual for my age??

    P.S – Thank you for giving me a commendation and I hope for more amazing competitions in the future.

    Rachel :)

  23. hey guys i am 12 years old and i love to write, write anything!! but there is a slight issue….. i live in the uk can i still enter?? its just i am searching the web ALL the time and i cant find any competitions that are right for me! :( if i cant enter is it possible that could recommend any to me? my favourite genre is modern family life !! so sorry if i am wasting your time!!
    thanks katie

  24. Bruce Thomson says:

    HI i’ts Bryce Thomson, dad. I emailed a story for the kids section using Fact in Fiction 8-12 yrs old. I haven’t heard a reply to acknowledge the story has been received I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Bruce and Bryce,

      I did receive your entry, thanks. Due to the large number of entries I receive it’s difficult to respond individually to each one.

      Judging is currently taking place and results will be announced in the next week or so.

      Thanks for entering the competition.


  25. Bruce Thomson says:

    I appreciate your reply, Bryce is warming to write about “Journey” in the latest section. thank-you

  26. Kathleen Cuppen says:

    Hello Dee,
    I have received the results via e-mail but when will the results be released on this website?


  27. Anonymous says:

    Do we have to finish the whole story in one page? Or can we just have a introduction?

  28. is it possible to send any poetry?

  29. hi, is this where the story is sent by the young writer?

    • Hi Vicki,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Please email your entry double spaced, with the name of the story and the name and age of the writer to Dee*at*deescribe*dot*com*dot*au


      Happy writing:)


  30. vicki griffin says:

    Hi Dee, the competition ‘journey’ are they are stories for children?

  31. This looks great Dee. I’ve loved participating. Really gets my writing juices flowing. Did pen something for the last quarter but no time to primp and perfect it :-( Love the layout for next year. I will be passing it on to some interested parties. Are adults still permitted to have a go too?! Cheers Dimity

    • Thanks Dimity,

      Adults can still enter the competitions, but there’s a $10 entry fee for them. Unfortunately I needed to start charging this to pay for books, postage and admin etc. Kids are still FREE and I hope to keep it that way:)


  32. Hi, can kids in America enter your competitions?

  33. Hi Dee,

    I am a librarian at an international school in Tokyo, Japan. I would love to tell our students about this competition and have them take par!. All of the curriculum at our school is in English so they will be submitting their writing pieces in English. We have students who love to write and I think will be motivated by having professionals look at their work. My question is, if we have our students participate will that open them up to solicitations to join an online writing class in the future? If not, then I will love to tell my students both elementary and high school about the competition. We also have some teachers who are interested in writing professionally and they might be interested in submitting pieces as well. Please let me know. Thank you.

    • Hi Janelle,

      Thanks for your enquiry. I’m the author who runs these competitions purely with the intention of encouraging and supporting kids who love to write. There will be absolutely no pressure on them to join online writing classes in the future. I plan to always keep the competitions free for young writers, but I do need to charge a $10 fee for adult writers to cover administration and the costs of prizes.

      Please feel free to ask if you have any further questions.

      Kind regards,


  34. Do we send the writing to Dee@describe.com.au

  35. Elizabeth Martin says:

    Hello Dee. I was curious because you contest looked very interesting. I mainly wanted ti know if we can apply for both contests, and or if we can apply for the Unreal contest now.

  36. Hi! This looks like something my 8 year old daughter would be interested in. She recently wrote a realistic fiction book with illustrations. Can I submit that under “real”? And can I send the story without the illustrations (because I have no idea how I would do that on the computer). Thanks for your time and for encouraging writing.

    • Hi Susan,

      Thanks for your post. This is a writing competition, so entries can’t be illustrated anyway. You can just send in the text as a word document attachment.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      I look forward to reading your daughter’s entry:)


  37. hi
    i was woundering can you help me with my story its first tim entering a comp thx
    jess xx
    p.s im 11

  38. Hi, may I know it’s alright to write a fantasy story set in the real world for the theme “Real”?

  39. NatFung says:

    Hello, I have just read the above post and noticed this competition. I would like to ask what Dee*at*Deescribe*dot*com*dot*au actually means. Is it an e-mail address? If so, how can I possibly send an e-mail to such an address? Thank you for your kind attention!

  40. What? How do I enter the Unreal one?

  41. Xiuwei says:

    Hi there, I am a 16 year old student from Malaysia.
    Just wondering whether I could enter this competition? :)
    I would really love to!
    And how will the winners be notified?
    Thanks a lot.

  42. Would I be able to submit poems, or just stories?

  43. hi
    my daughter is 7 years old.she wants to write .how i can send help her and send her entry .pease let me know the closing date.


    • Hi Priya,

      Your daughter can send her entry to me at Dee*at*Deescribe*dot*com*dot*au The closing date for the competition is 30 June.

      It’s normally open to kids 8+ but if your daughter is a good writer she is welcome to enter but she will be in the 8 to 12 year old category so she will be competing against older children.

      The story must be 500 words or less.

      Kind regards,


  44. Hi Dee, I’m wondering if I can just put my last name initial for the writing?


  45. Hi,
    May I know if I can submit an entry which was already used to enter in another writing competition?

  46. Krutika says:

    should it necessarily be a story only? Why not any essay or poetry?????

  47. Franklin Z says:


    I was wondering if I were to write my story on Google Drive, should I share the document with you via Google Drive share, or write it as a Word document and attach it a as a file?


  48. Noureen says:

    I would like to know if you give certificate to each participant. and if the stories will get publish on your website

    • Hi Noureen,

      All the kids who enter their stories will get a certificate. Unfortunately, I’m not able to publish the stories on my website at the moment, but this is something I’m hoping to do in the future.

      Happy writing:)


  49. Tara Dezilva says:

    Hi, I am 10 YO when this competition closes. I was wondering how we send our story. Do we send it through that email ?. pleaz answer

  50. Drew-Anne says:

    Hi Dee!
    I have a few questions on the competition.
    Is the email Dee@Deescribe.com.au?
    Also, I am turning thirteen in December and I was wondering if I could still enter in the 8 to 12 division or if enter in the teens.
    Thanks for holding this competition for young writers like me!

    • Hi Drew-Anne,

      That’s the right email address. You can still enter the 8 to 12 division because you will still be 12 when the competition closes on 30 June.

      I look forward to reading your story:)


  51. Hi Dee,
    I was wondering about the contests if we could try for both of them or only had to pick one?

  52. Just to confirm, my title doesn’t count in 500 words right? Am I allowed to put the title in my manuscript? (With the title, the piece goes to 503, but without it, it doesn’t exceed 500)

    Also, the name of this competition is Writing Competition 2013 – 1st Competition?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Samantha,

      It’s fine if your piece is 503 words with the title.

      That name title is fine to include in your entry – the main thing is to put what age category your are entering.

      I look forward to reading your story.


  53. Hello! When the contest says “one per entry” does it mean one entry for both contests, or one entry for one contest (for example, would one entry for “real” and one for “unreal” be allowed?)
    Also, I tried to send in my entry for “real,” but it says the email is declined. Could you please write out the email for me, if you get this? Thank you so much!

  54. Hey,

    When will the winners of the “Real” competition be notified?


  55. Kim Rance says:

    Hey Dee,
    I recently turned 18 this year but I cannot figure out how to send the fee.
    If you can explain how that would be great :)

    looking forward to hear from you


  56. I was just wondering around how may teens enter in your teen writing competition?
    thank you :)

    • Hi Julie,

      We always get a large number of very high standard teen entries in our competition and it’s a pleasure to read every single entry – and so exciting to think that there are so many enthusiastic teen writers out there.


  57. Charlie Ann says:

    Hi. I’m confused on how exactly I send my writing entry for the teen ‘real’, is it via email? And if so, what is the email address I send my entry to? Much appreciated.

  58. Hello Dee,
    I am 12 years old entering the 8-12 year old competition. I was wondering how the winner gets notified. Thank you so much for running this contest!
    Thanks again,

  59. Hi Dee, I have entered my piece and was just wondering when the results where going to be shown?

    :) CM

    • Hi Clem,

      There have been a lot of great entries in this competition so it’s going to take a while to read them all.

      The results will be announced on this blog by the end of the month and winners will be notified by email.

      Thanks for entering the competition and good luck with your writing:)


  60. I was just wondering… Why are we not aloud to put our name on the word document but we have to do it on the email?

    • Hi Sophie, thanks for your question.

      We need your name on the email so we know who to send certificates or prizes to. The reason you don’t put your name on the actual story is so that judges don’t know who the writer is and they just judge on how good the story is. Most writing competitions have this rule.

      Happy writing:)


  61. Joshua Morris says:

    Where do i send my story?

  62. Boingthing says:

    Hey :D I was just wondering when the second competition opens? And is there any way to read the winners’ entry of the first? Thanks! :)

  63. Morgan Hutchison says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if entries for the “Unreal” category are being accepted. This probably sounds like a stupid question since it says in big bold letters to not submit yet, but it also says that the contest starts on August 1st so… ??
    Thank you.

    • Hi Morgan,

      It’s not a stupid question. I forgot to delete those words from the page, sorry. The competition is definitely open. You can paste your entry into the body of the email or submit it as a Word attachment.

      Good luck and thanks for your questions:)


  64. Morgan Hutchison says:

    Also, do you want us to attach the document or copy and paste it into the email? I’ve done contests that ask for either of those.
    Thanks again. :)

  65. Jahanara Rajwani says:

    Hello! For the ‘unreal’ contest, the scene on the first page of my novel is completely unrelated to the rest of the book– it just introduces the main character. So even though the book contains elements of the unreal, the first page hasn’t introduced any of it yet. Should I write something new for this contest that immediately develops some sort of supernatural setting?


    PS. I would be applying in the teen category

  66. Boingthing says:

    Is it okay if mine’s just a short essay and not an excerpt from a long novel?

  67. Khadija Williams says:

    For the “Unreal contest are we making a short story or a poem or does it not matter??? And if it doesnt matter between the two, if I write a story is it the beginning of the story, like the introduction, as if you are reading the story to see what it is about???? Or is it a sneak peak of what the story is (like when you read a story that has a 2nd book to it and they put the 1st 2 chapters at the end of the book for the next story)? Thanks! -Khadija

  68. Juwita Gea says:

    Dee, is it okay if I send a something religious unreal story?
    thank you for your answer. :)

  69. Teresa Davison says:

    Hey Dee, I’m copying and pasting my entry into my e-mail and I don’t know how to make a 3 centimeter margin on an e-mail. Is that ok?

  70. Sidharth Jaishankar says:

    I have a doubt – I am writing a fantasy novel… can I enter it in the competition? If so, should I send you only the first page or the first 500 words?

  71. Hello,
    I am slightly confused, being twelve, to what double spacing is.
    Is it where there is a space between each line? I have an example below of what I think it may be, but I am not exactly sure…

    Is this

    an example

    of double-spaced?

    Also, does the title need to be included on the actual piece of writing, and if it does, is it included in the word count?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Sophie,

      That’s right – double spacing is where there is a space between each line. You can do this by selecting your text, then selecting ‘paragraph’ from the ‘format’ menu, and choosing ‘double’ line spacing.

      I hope this helps:)


  72. Hey there! Do we have to attach our story to the email or can we paste it in the body? Thanks!

  73. For the unreal fiction story can it be about anything

    Also I’m writing a full length novel, so I just submit the first 500 words of it right

    I’m also wondering how can I send it

  74. On what email I’d do I have to send my essay on unreal? I am 16

  75. Hey Dee,

    I love to write, do you have any tips for me? I am 13 and found your site I think I might enter your unreal contest!

  76. Hi! I didn’t quite understand, can you write about anything or does it have a theme to follow?
    Sorry if anyone already asked that, I didn’t have the time to read through all the questions… :)

  77. Hi! I am so excited to enter this contest. Should I attach my piece of writing to the email, or should I copy and paste it? Thanks :)

  78. Kaitlyn Barnhart says:

    What are the deadlines for this writing contest?

  79. Sapphiree says:

    Hi Dee
    I’m a bit confused. In the ‘Unreal’ comp, do we have to write a story in 500 words, or an extract?
    P.S.– I’ma bit scared of entering! I don’t want to make a fool of myself!!


  80. Hello. I have a question. It’s kinda silly but what’s the name of this competition???

  81. moinuddin ashrafi says:

    Hello Dee i am expecting my paperz in march and until then i have to improve my writing skills way too much therefore i look forward for more competitions until then. Do u think u can arrange them here????
    Secondly (and more importantly) can i submit my document through wordpad (i guess u can open it in MS Word)??

    • I plan to run new competitions here next year so hopefully, you can enter one. I have a MAC so there can be issues using anything other than Word. You can paste the story into the body of the email.

      Let me know if you have any questions.



  82. MrMikuLover says:

    Hi, just wondering if I can submit the middle part of my novel?Thanks!

  83. Hi Dee,
    what is the email address that we are supposed to send the stories?

  84. Hey Dee,
    It won’t let me send my story. Plus, could you possibly write you email in a normal way? Maybe that’s what I did wrong..

  85. Plus, what if I only have Word? Can I download something that I can send to you..?

  86. My Imagination Writes the Story says:

    How many pages does it have to be and I cant find the email to send it and is it ok if I just ok if I paste it. My friend just told me about this website

  87. so in the unreal competition you can write about historic fiction?

  88. For the Unreal competition, can the story take place in the modern world? But there’ll be a hint of ‘unreal’ to it.

  89. Hi, for the ‘unreal’ competition, my story doesn’t really have a fixed setting, but I like to think of it as an alternate reality. I believe Aya has already mentioned this but I would just like to clarify, is it alright? Also, my story happens to be exactly 500 words, is that okay as well?

  90. Hi, I was just wondering whether you received my entry for this competition. I’m sorry to bother you but I just have this bad feeling…
    My email address is: blibbybao@gmail.com

  91. please tell me where I can mail.

  92. I suggest everyone should get certificates.

    • Hi Kavita,

      All kids and teens who enter the competition get certificates. That’s why it’s so important for people entering the competition to follow the guidelines so that their entries don’t end up in the ‘spam folder’, and they get their certificate.


  93. Hello!
    Thank you for this opportunity.
    I have just sent in my story.
    Here’s hoping for the best!

  94. Excuse me but I would really love to enter but the competition is over so I was wondering a when the next one will be up,
    thank you,Susie

  95. Hi Dee,
    I am entering the 11-13 category in your writing competition and I have just started to write my 500 word story to submit and I was looking at the guidlines, in which we have to follow. I only own Ariel Black and I have no New Roman font on my computer, so shall I use the Ariel Black. Oh Im sorry another thing when you say 500 words does this include characters such as commas, apostrophies? Does this mean 500 chararcters or just simple words. I would appreciate if you replied seeing as I am writing my ideas and didnt want to be rejected, due to my love in writing
    From Toni- Ann

  96. Sorry Dee so many questions for a 11 year old! But would cavemen meeting humans be an unreal story plot to submit for your competition? Hope it would! I have some fantastic ideas that Id love to put into a story!


    • Hi Tori,

      Thanks for your email. I love the sound of your story and you should definitely keep writing it, but unfortunately, the competition closed on 30th November. I will be running a new competition next year. You will find details of it here on my blog – it will probably be around the middle of the year.

      Happy writing:)


  97. hi my name is jesika i was wondering do u have to be certain age to join because i am 14 and my nephew is 8 and he wanted to join and “we both love to write books”

  98. Hi,
    I’m Emma, and I’m 11. I love writing stories. I was wondering if any competitions are still open for entry?

    • Hi Emma,

      So great that you love writing stories. Unfortunately, all my writing competitions are closed at the moment. I’m very very busy writing, but I’m hoping to have another competition in the middle of the year.

      Good luck with your writing:)


  99. Hi Dee,
    I’m Emily, and I’m 10 years old. I was hoping if any writing competitions are still open, because if there was a chance up for grabs, I would take it. I’m awaiting your answer, and thanks for reading,
    Your friend,

  100. Are there any competitions running at the moment?

  101. Matthew Arseneaux says:

    Hi, I’m Matthew, I like to create stories in my mind and put it on paper. I’ve always kind of enjoyed making my own stories and I think it would be fun to enter my stories in any competition that may be thrown. So How would I get updates on any future information? P.S. I also act on a YouTube channel of mine. :)

    • Hi Matthew, always great to hear about enthusiastic young writers like you. Unfortunately, I’m not running any competitions at the moment, but I’m hoping to run one later in the year.

      If you keep check in with this blog around late May, I should have more details posted then.

      Happy writing:)


  102. Hi Dee, I just wanted to ask how many pieces am I allowed to put in? And also does it have to b 500 words? Can it be more?

    • Hi Athena,

      There is only one entry per person and the word count has to be 510 words at the most. To allow for different time zones, today is the final date for entries.

      Happy writing:)


  103. Rhi, Writing Hopeful says:

    wondering when competions will be updated…

    • Hi Rhi,

      The latest writing competition, A day in the life is now closed. As I’m a full time writer, competitions depend on me having time between writing deadlines to run them. I’m hoping to run another writing competition for kids later this year and will post on this blog when I do.

      Happy writing:)


      • Rhi, Writiing Hopeful says:

        Can’t you update this bit too? In my whole school, around 50 kids use this site. Every one of them checks this bit but doesn’t see the point in reading the blog. Also, if you’d replied earlier, I could have entered.

        • Hi Rhi,

          The last competition had already closed when I received your comment.

          Details of the competition were posted here: http://writingclassesforkids.com/new-writing-competitions-for-kids-opens-today-a-day-in-my-life/ You can subscribe by email to this blog to receive notifications of future competitions.

          I’m sorry I omitted to update the competition page. I will make a note of this for next time. I’ve been extremely busy with writing deadlines over the past few months and the last competition attracted over 600 entries so I haven’t had a lot of spare time.

          Every competition I run for kids is free and I run them purely to encourage kids who like to write, and I read every entry I receive. There will be another competition later in the year. I will update the page then.

          I hope you will enter future competitions.


  104. I want todo a writing contest

  105. Is there a prise associated with the competition.

  106. Pricilia Salsa Bila Setidi says:

    Hi Dee my name Salsa …
    i am starting to do the competition, but i just confused is it ok if telling story about my best friend and i ? but it still telling the reader about space … is it ok ?

  107. Hi Dee,
    Is it okay if our entry is the first page of a novel/longer story? Or does it have to be a complete story in itself? :)


  108. By when will the results be out Dee ? Vedanth seems so excited …lolzz !! His first try :P

  109. Dear Dee,
    Hi. I’m 13 years old and I want to enter the ‘Holiday’ compitition. I usually end up getting carried away and writing past the word limit so is it possible to enter an extract of the story?

    • Dear Catorie,

      You can enter an extract of your story, but this may put you at a disadvantage in the competition because it will be hard to assess the beginning, middle and end if the story isn’t complete.

      I look forward to reading your entry.

      Happy writing:)


  110. Hi, is it still open? At the top it says that the deadline is on the 31′st of Jan 2015, but then down on number 3 it says the deadline is the 31′st Jan 2014. Can you please clarify.

  111. Kirstyn Russell says:

    Hi I’m entering the Holiday writing contest and I’m wondering if there is a certain font or font size you would like me to use.

    • Hi Kirstyn,

      I’m so glad you’re entering the competition. The font should be 12 point and easy to read like Times New Roman or Arial.

      I look forward to receiving your story.

      Happy writing:)


  112. Hi Dee,

    My daughter (Pranuthi) sent in her story from my mail id as she doesn’t have her own mail id.
    Just wanted to confirm from you that it would work for the competition,she
    being a bit worried about the same. :-)

    Many Thanks,

  113. Abhiroop Basak says:

    i hope the results for the competition are not out yet. Can you please tell me when its going to get out.

  114. Hi Dee,
    I just wanted to clarify whether the competition theme ‘Fall’ can be interpreted in any manner or if it specifically refers to the season of Fall.
    Thanks a lot,

  115. Hi Dee,
    I am writing this mail on behalf of my daughter. She would like to know about when the next competition is going to be anounced?
    Thanks in advance,

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