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I’m excited to say that Writing Classes For Kids is almost ready for blast off.

Within two weeks I should have things up and running.

There will be lots of FREE writing activities and some great competitions where you could win books, writing classes and other great prizes.

As an author, lover of writing, writing teacher and mentor I’m committed to helping you have fun and achieve your writing goals.

My first five lesson plans will be:


1. WRITING FOR FUN – Picture This – use a picture to inspire you to write a great story.

2.  WRITING FOR FUN - Pets & Animals – your pets or your favourite animals can provide great inspiration for stories

3.  WRITING FOR FUN - Old Character, New Story – Put a character you love into a new setting and see how it changes your story.


4.  HEROES & VILLAINS – Part 1 – Create great characters for your story.

5.  HEROES & VILLAINS – Part 2 – Create a story for your hero and villain.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come:

  • Mind mapping
  • Plotting
  • Writing Anthology Pieces
  • Grammar & Tense
  • Essay Writing
  • Story Pyramids
  • Character Collages
  • Setting
  • Dialogue
  • Non fiction beginnings
  • Fiction beginnings

If you’d like to see a lesson plan developed on a particular topic for a particular age group, please feel free to email me: Dee *AT*deescribe *DOT*com*DOT*au

You can also contact me at this address if you have any questions about the blog or topics you’d like to see covered.


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Tuti parachuting

Me at work, plotting a novel


I’m Dee White, author, book reviewer and mentor to young writers.

Welcome to my new blog and online writing workshops at Writing Classes for Kids.

I’m starting Writing Classes for Kids because I’ve had so many enthusiastic young writers contacting me wanting to learn more about writing, but they can’t make it to my weekly writing classes or school holiday workshops.

The good thing about Writing Classes for Kids is that the lesson plans for my classes will be available as downloadable PDFs so even if you’re a teacher or home schooler, you will be able to access them from anywhere in the world.

To start with, I’m going to be offering two lesson plans for building characters and writing for fun.  There will be separate materials for Primary School and High School writers.

Also at Writing Classes for Kids, you’ll get to know Tuti, the Malaysian Tapir who will help me take you on a wild, creative journey into the world of your imagination and beyond.

Tuti is the creation of illustrator, Ruth Palamountain who I met when I was at school and we have been best friends ever since.

Ruth at workRuth trained as a vet and she loves animals so I guess that’s why she’s so good at drawing them. Ruth and I both love books, creating, animals and chocolate.

Tuti and her family are endangered animals so she has her own story to tell too, and she’ll be sharing it on Writing Classes for Kids.

Classes will be starting in October. For updates on the courses and how they will work, you can subscribe to this blog. In October, we’ll also be having our first writing competition with lots of great prizes to be won – so stay tuned.

More about the courses will be available on the ‘Courses’ page on this blog (COMING SOON). For lots of great tips, you might also want to check out the page, “Want to be a Writer?”

In the meantime,

Happy writing:)



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