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Mudgee Valley Writers Writing Competition For Young Writers


2016 Youth Literary Award

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 6.54.31 pmThe Norman McVicker Award

Entries close: 29 February 2016

Young people up to 22 years old, are invited to submit their original literary work such as stories and poems.

The scope of the work may contribute toward Australian literature or have Australiana contents i.e. all aspects about Australia, for example, life, aspirations, vision, current affairs, the bush, and so forth, but this is not a prerequisite.

The work of Henry Lawson and others may provide guidelines but not limited to the style. Invention of new style, creativity or breaking the old boundaries are also key aspects of the award.

Total Prize: $2200

Short story

1st Prize $800

2nd Prize $200

3rd Prize $100


1st Prize $800

2nd Prize $200

3rd Prize $100

Highly Commended and Commended Certificates awarded.

Word and Line counts:

Short story: 2000 words max

Poetry: 100 lines max



For more information, please click here to download the entry form and conditions of entry.


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Thank you to everyone who entered the Fall Writing Competition.

There was a particularly high standard of entries in this competition and this made judging very difficult.

Once again I have made the decision to publish more than ten entries because there were so many great stories.

If your story wasn’t selected, please don’t be disheartened. It doesn’t mean your story wasn’t great, it’s just that I couldn’t include everybody’s work in the anthology.

When selecting the winners, I tried to include a variety of different kinds of stories from boys and girls across different age groups.

Everyone who entered this competition should be proud of their story.

Taking the time to write a story and enter it in a competition like this is a fantastic achievement.

EVERYONE who entered the competition will receive a certificate.


Unfortunately due to the large number of entries, I’m unable to give individual feedback on your stories, but here are some general tips:

1.  It’s important to stick to the word limit in a competition. If you’re writing a story for fun you can make it as long as you like but when you’re writing for a competition, you must stick to the word limit.

I won’t do this, but in some competitions your work will be disqualified if you don’t meet this criteria.

And in fairness to other entrants, I can’t award your story first place if it doesn’t comply with the guidelines.

2. Try to keep your tenses consistent. Decide whether your story has already happened (past tense), is happening right now (present tense) or will happen in the future (future tense).


was have been will
had, have will have
had been are will be
did am will have been

3. If a story is quite short try to only have one character telling the story. If you swap from one character to another in a short story, it can get quite confusing for the reader.

4.  Read your story out loud before you send it. This will help you pick up any typing mistakes or where you have accidentally left a word out or repeated it.


Congratulations to the following writers whose stories have been selected for the Fall Anthology.

The Timber Lane Gang Go Camping by Katrina Bau – aged 7
A Lesson in the Bus by DeriAnne Mak – aged 7
An Unexpected Trip by Josephine Sim – aged 7
Fallen into a Deep Hole By Reshan Gill – aged 8
Whoops! by Audrey Kennedy – aged 8
A Gruesome Fall by Joyce Sim – aged 9
Matthew’s Intriguing Fall by Andrew Del Borrello – aged 10
Fall by Anna Hall – aged 10
Race by Kevin Yu – aged 10
Fall by Molly Bell – aged 11
It’s Fall by Lara Borges – aged 11
The Skywalker by Alexandra de Graaff – aged 11
Fall by Maxyn Dorz – aged 11
Fall by Adelina Huang – aged 11
Intertwined by Mackenzie Stone – aged 11
The Secret of Fall by Jasmine Sulsh – aged 11
The Withered Oak Tree by Ashley Ting – aged 11
Random Kylie by Audrey Del Borrello – aged 12
Shadow in Darkness by Piper Lane – aged 12
The Beauty of Autumn by Uzzielle K.T. Santos – aged 12
Don’t Look Down by Lalita Weir-Smith – aged 12
Fear of Falling by Izzah Khan – aged 13
Graveyard of the Leaves by Maryann Xue – aged 14
Leaves Falling by Elsie YeaLim Jang – aged 14
Till The Day We Fall by Sanya Chawla – aged 16
Never Trust a Travel Brochure by Gillian Goh – aged 16
My Nightmare by Julie McNamee – aged 16


Subject to receiving all the editorial changes and illustrations in time, I will be aiming to edit and publish the anthology in early September.

It will then be available to download free from this blog.

Thanks again for sharing your wonderful stories and entering this competition.

Everyone who entered this competition will receive a certificate. These will be emailed to you within the next week.

Happy writing:)



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