image003Goldie Alexander is the prolific author of books for all ages.

She’s here to talk about one of her latest books, Neptunia, and the inspiration behind it.


“Cassie Georgiana Odysseos has the potential to become an Olympic swimmer. However, after her parents separate, her training is interrupted when she and her little brother Timmy are sent to live with elderly Mike and Peg Calypso in Ithaca, a small country town without a training pool. Asked to deliver an important message to the underwater city of Neptunia, Cassie must use all her strength, strategy and spirit to survive a marathon swim. But can she overcome King Neptune’s terrifying obstacles? “

I wrote this book because I wanted to unite several ideas. The first is how hard it can be for kids when their parents separate. The second is what qualities make an outstanding athlete, artist, writer or musician. The third, because I love the ancient story of the ‘The Odyssey’, I was looking for a way to introduce it to young readers.


  1. Research carefully.
  2. Think imaginatively.
  3. Create a convincing character or characters. Use a character dossier.
  4. Make your character so convincing he/she feels totally real.
  5. Write your story. Don’t let anyone tell you it won’t work.
  6. Edit and re-edit. This last tip is very important.

You can find out more about Goldie at her website.

‘Neptunia’ can be bought at bookstores and from www.

If you have a question for Goldie, feel free to ask it in the comments section of this blog.

Happy writing:)


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